Mary Durack Interior Design | Details
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About This Project

The devil is in the detail.

The long term success and continued interest in any project, is the result of attention to detail.

Sketching and drawing enables us to resolve design problems early in the design process. The studio specializes in hand drawing illustrating furniture, cabinet work and furnishings as well as preparing floor plans and elevations to define the project.

Our Studio has an extensive knowledge of fabrics and a significant expertise in the manufacture of soft furnishings. We draw on our extensive library of fabrics from all over the world to co-ordinate unique combinations of colours and textures for our interiors.

Colour schemes are integral to any design project.

We often create custom colours for projects, mixing tints and shades to achieve innovation in our colour combinations.

Bathrooms and Kitchens requires special attention and we take a great interest in detailing these interiors.

Working with various materials, marbles ceramics and metals in interesting patterns and textures, will always deliver an outstanding result.

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